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It starts with a spark
That catches to flame
It’s given fuel / It’s given air
It’s given a name
And the fire will grow
We’ll burn our marshmellows
It will warm our hearts
But it starts with a spark
As every tree was a seed
And every seed came to be
By the grace of the wind
Or the leg of a bee
Darlin’ you’re small
So small for this world
A fire fly / In a mason jar
That will swing and swirl
and the envious stars
See how lovely you are
You’ll out shine them all
Even though you’re small


So you wanna do good (let me tell ya how)
Wanna leave your mark (let me tell ya how)
It starts with a spark
So infinitesimally small
It spreads to one / Then it spreads to two
Before it spreads to us all
And it takes a risk
To twist your wrist
and open up that jar
and release the spark


And every bumble bee
Is made of things we can’t see
So all the big things
Come from small thing

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