1- I am an avid (and periodically successful) poker player
2- I still have a baby tooth
3- I’m the great-grandson of famous psychoanaylist Wilhelm Reich (google it!)
4- My mother and grandfather are/were both talented and acclaimed oil painters (Renata and William Moise)
5- My full name is William Christopher Ross
6- I am a reasonably skilled disc golfer
7- The first song I ever learned to play and sing at the same time was “Turn The Page”
8- I worked in the kitchen of a pizza place for 10 years
9- My first job was at a go-cart track
10- I watch “The Last Waltz” about once a month
11- My favorite rock and roll autobiography is from David Crosby
12- My first concert was Alison Krauss opening for Alan Jackson
13- I have a 9 year old australian shepherd named Maggie
14- My preferred adult beverage is a Jameson neat. My preferred unadult beverage is Orangina
15- I think The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is the greatest story ever told.
16- My first car was an ’87 Ford Bronco II. Friggin death trap.
17- My dentist claims I brush too vigorously.
18- I’ll always prefer blizzards to heatwaves.
19- If I could open for anyone, it would be Ray Lamontagne.
20- I was 6 feet tall when I was 12…and still am..
21- My dream gig would be hosting AND performing on SNL.
22- I will jump out of a plane, but am unreasonably afraid of bees.
23- The last GREAT record I bought was Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit’s, “Here We Rest”. So good.
24- I recently painted the entire wall of my living room with special “chalkboard” paint, so now I can write songs on the wall.