SBatHome(2of2)-125-year-old singer/songwriter Sam Brenner is an independent artist on the rise.  His harmonious debut album, Where We Begin, showcases an emotional depth & subtle confidence that is rare in most young musicians.

At the core of Brenner’s music are his lyrics – honest commentaries that seem easily relatable and delicately personal to the human experience.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, his parents exposed him to classics such as The Beatles and James Taylor, while his brothers introduced him to Dave Matthews Band and Radiohead. When he was twelve-years-old, his parents bought him his first guitar and from that day forward, he never put it down. “I remember attempting to take lessons early on but never really finding a good fit. When I was that age, I was much more interested in learning popular songs than learning the fundamentals, which means I was apparently setting myself up to be the world’s greatest wedding singer,” he says with a grin.

In the Fall of 2005, Brenner relocated from Buffalo to Cleveland, OH in pursuit of a college education. It was in Cleveland that his talents, both as a writer and as a performer, started to exponentially blossom. Before long, Brenner became a commonplace name around campus music venues, and developed a supportive following that would eventually help encourage him to pursue music as a career. In the Spring of 2007, Brenner won a Battle of the Bands competition on campus and was awarded the opportunity to open for Lifehouse. This is when Brenner got his first taste of the dream….

Since Where We Begin’s 2011 release, Brenner has been busy bringing his songs to backyards, clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges all across the country.  His unique guitar-playing style, crisp voice, and knack for inclusion makes a Sam Brenner live show one that cannot be missed.

Brenner is currently working on a 6-song EP & a second studio album; both to be released in 2013.