1. Wrote first lyrics to the melody of a Vivaldi concerto at age 7….. they were about string cheese
2. Knows all the dance moves to “Grease Lightning”
3. Thinks everything feels better after a hot bath and a cold “kombucha”
4. Has 12 brothers and sisters
5. First violin was a cardboard box
6. Can fit her whole fist in her mouth
7. Learned how to play the guitar by dragging her moms old guitar and Dylan, and Peter, Paul & Mary tablature out of the attic. Years later, when pregnant with second child stepped on said guitar in the middle of the night demolishing it beyond repair….. will always mourn her first love
8. Likes to lay under the grand piano while her mom plays Toccata and dissolve
9. Just bought 1 birdfeeder, 2 bags of rabbit food, and 3 pair of spy glasses
10. Misses Grandma Winnie’s Peaches and Grandma Lavon’s apricots
11. Could drink a case of Joni Mitchell and still be on her feet
12. First “real song” she wrote was for her sister……. it mentioned underwear 3 times.
13. Wishes Ras Kassas – Ethiopian restaurant in Bouder, Co – would open a location in Utah.
14. Was happily surprised to learn that a mandolin is strung just like a violin.
15. Thinks flip flops are ok in the winter as long as you wear a beanie and scarf
16. Thinks Neil Young hung the Harvest Moon
17. Loves to listen to Sara Vaughn and Rosemary Clooney while cooking Indian food
18. Keeps her house clean and her car messy
19. Loves to hear her kids sing Bob Marley tunes
20. Thinks the PInback song “Loro” makes her want to drive too fast but listens anyway
21. Lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, two children and rabbit named Tulip.