20 bits of Clarensau Trivia

1. The two Tylers of Clarensau have been friends for almost ten years.

2. Tyler Caggiano spent two years as Tyler Clarensau’s manager before joining the band.

3. The band is called Clarensau because the original lineup included both Tyler Clarensau and his brother Blake.

4. Tyler’s great grandfather made up the name Clarensau after failing to find a job in America with his very Greek last name.

5. Tyler Caggiano and Sally have been married for five years.

6. Tyler Clarensau and Sally first met while playing a show together in Chattanooga, TN… A show that Tyler Caggiano had booked.

7. Tyler Caggiano and Sally first met while both working at different Starbucks in the same city.

8. Until Our Lungs Give was recorded in the same town in Georgia that The Dukes of Hazzard was filmed in.

9. Until Our Lungs Give was recorded in producer Corey Crowder’s guest bedroom over the course of 5 days.

10. Both Tyler’s eat at Waffle House any chance they get, and they have to drop Sally off somewhere else every time.

11. Tyler Clarensau is a big Kansas City Royals fan.

12. There are only 9 people in the world with the last name Clarensau.

13. We call her “Grandma Sally” because she spends her days on the road knitting and telling the boys to grow up.

14. Both Tyler’s will beat you at ping-pong.

15. Clarensau’s post-show restaurant of choice is always Buffalo Wild Wings.

16. Neither Tyler picked up a guitar until late high school, and it’s neither of their main instrument.

17. Sally is probably a better acoustic guitar player than either of the boys.

18. On their first TV appearance, the host mispronounced the band name and the Caggiano’s last name.

19. A Clarensau song is featured in an upcoming movie… in Spanish.

20. Tyler Clarensau writes at least two songs a week.